CAC Receives Information on Administrative Decentralization Law

Dili – Tuesday (25/2), Anti-Corruption Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares and CAC’s two Deputy Commissioners and staff, yesterday received information about the decentralization of government power from the Secretary of State for Administrative Decentralization team.

The team was led by the Director of Secretariado de Apoio Instalação de Municipios (SAIM), who was accompanied by the National Director of Plano e Finanças Municipio, Valente de Fatima Miranda.

In its 2014-2015 Prevention Plan, CAC identified four priorities including decentralization as corruption risk areas, and will work closely with local government as the process progresses.

The objective of the Secretary of State for Administrative Decentralization team at the CAC office was to distribute information on the Government’s plan to establish a decentralization of government power plan called the “Pré-Deskonsentrasaun Administrativa-Preparatory Administrative”. &

CAC Commissioner Adérito Soares, in his opening remarks, expressed his great appreciation that CAC senior management and staff had the opportunity to access such valuable information about the preparatory administrative plan.

“As a new state institution that values good working relationships with other government institutions, CAC appreciates and thanks the Secretary of State for Administrative Decentralization and its team for providing this useful information to CAC senior management and staff,” said Commissioner Adérito Soares. (*)

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