CAC Conducts Integrity Research into Public Sector

Dili – The Commisão Anti-Corrupção (CAC) today, Wednesday (14/8), commenced research for an integrity survey of civil servants
in the public sector.  The survey will take place over 24 days, from 14 August to 7 September 2013 in all 13 districts. This research will contribute to the CAC’s corruption prevention and
public education work.

“To develop effective corruption prevention activities, we need know to about the levels of integrity and professionalism of the state apparatus,” said CAC Deputy Commissioner, José Neves.

Civil servants from many different ministries and public institutions were randomly selected for interview for the survey, which will also include focus
group discussions.

“Through this research we hope to learn more about the knowledge and capacity of civil servants and their performance in serving the public. The
purpose of this research is NOT to identify corruption or corrupt people, or to judge who is working well and who is not working well.  The purpose is to discover the real situation
in the public service, so the CAC better knows how to design and direct its corruption prevention activities.” he added.

The integrity survey research program was developed by the CAC with financial and technical support from the USAID-Casals Focus on Transparency and Integrity
(FOTI) project. The survey is being implemented by CAC staff and students from UNTL, UNPAZ and UNDIL.  This is the third research survey conducted by the CAC, and follows on from the Movimentu Kareta Utilizasaun Combustivel Estadu Survey in 2011 and the Corruption Perception Survey in 2011.(*)

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