CAC & Standing Committee A Form Working Group for Asset Declaration Legal Drafting

Dili, 22/05 /2012Deputy Commissioners of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Mr. Manuel C.C. Bucar C. Real and Mr. José António de Jesus das Neves met with Standing Committee A of the National Parliament Thursday this week and discussed about forming a working group to prepare for drafting the asset declaration law.

The working group was formed following a series of meetings and discussions through roundtable meetings between CAC and the National Parliament and directors from line-ministries since last year. This working group will be consisted of representatives from CAC, National Parliament, especially from Standing Committee A and other relevant institutions such as Office of the General Prosecutor, Ombudsman and Human Rights Office and Office of the Inspector General. The working group will be responsible for ensuring in-depth discussion and consultations for the drafting of asset declaration draft law.

The working group is expected to hold its first meeting on 6 June 2013 at the National Parliament Conference Room.

In the meeting, the two parties also discussed about the anti-corruption draft law that was put on hold since last year. The draft law that was proposed by opposition party is now in the process of submission for plenary. There will be a series of consultations and public hearings with all relevant institutions, including civil society groups, after the draft law is presented.

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