CAC Holds Simultaneous Events Leading Up to International Anti-Corruption Day

Dili, 5/12/2012—In celebration leading up to the International Anti-Corruption Day this Sunday, 9 December 2012, CAC holds a series of commemorative events simultaneously yesterday in three districts, Lospalos, Oecussi and Aileu. The commemoration festivities feature a short workshop on people’s involvement in the fight against corruption, a fifteen-minute presentation on documentary film about the use of public vehicles and art and cultural performances.

The theme for this year’s international day against corruption is “Valoriza Povu Nia Luta, Hodi Liberta Timor-Leste Husi Korrupsaun”/ “Honouring the People’s Struggle for Independence by Freeing Timor-Leste from Corruption.”

Speaking to the crowd of more than 300 people in Aileu district, CAC Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares says the act of corruption in Timor-Leste is not an abstract phenomenon but it affects the people’s daily life and it destroys the country’s development plan— people should work together to fight against corruption, people should say NO to corruption through their good attitude and behavior.

The celebration in Lospalos district was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner for Prevention Manuel Bucar Continho Corte-Real and in Oecussi district was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner for Education and Campaign Jose de Jesus das Neves. Among government officials from the national level who were invited to districts were Civil Service Commissioner Liborio Pereira to Aileu and State Inspector General Francisco de Carvalho to Lospalos.

The simultaneous celebrations in these three districts were reported to have been well-attended not only by district officials but also representatives from the Church, schools, and community leaders. It was reported that more than 1000 people turned out in these three districts in commemorating the anti-graft day.

The celebration in the capital of Dili is planned for 9 December 2012. It’s expected to take place at the open-air at the Largo Lecidere, Dili from 2:30PM.

In Dili, a number of events have been organized prior to the anti-corruption day. These included interactive debates involved representatives from the government and civil society organization, appeals from President of the Republic, Prime Minister, Bishop of Baucau and also as President of the Episcopal Conference of Timor-Leste and CAC Commissioner; quiz contest between secondary school students; public speaking contest between university students; and clipping contest on corruption and anti-corruption issues between junior high school students. The winners of student contests will be awarded during the celebration this Sunday. It is expected that the celebration in Dili will draw more public’s interest to participate.

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