CAC Holds First Meeting with Committee A of the National Parliament

Dili, 6/9/2012 –-Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission Adérito de Jesus Soares and his team, met for the first time yesterday morning with President of the Committee A of the National Parliament Carmelita Caetano Moniz and her team after the Lawmakers took office in August this year. The Committee A of the National Parliament oversees matters concerning the constitutional rights, justice, public administration, and anti-corruption.

During the two hours meeting, Members of the Committee A were informed about the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission for the last two years and the future work-plans. In terms of what have been done, the information included progress achieved in the areas of corruption crime investigation, prevention, education campaign and research, development of CAC’s Strategic Planning, Timor-Leste’s involvement in implementing the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). The Members also learned about the challenges facing by the Commission in those areas of works, particularly in relations to human resources capacity and workplace. In terms of future program activities, the Lawmakers were presented with a concept note on asset declaration and is expected that in the near future, the two parties will organize a roundtable discussion to draw more critical inputs as to enrich the existing concept and to discuss what comes after. Other equally important information was regarding the importance of establishing a national strategic plan for combating corruption in Timor-Leste.

President Carmelita Moniz and Members of the Committee A from CNRT, FRETILIN, and Frente-Mudansa political parties highly appreciated and were pleased with the informative briefings presented by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

After the presentation, Members of the Committee A were given opportunity for questions and comments. During that session, representatives of all political parties in the Committee A expressed their great political support towards the work of CAC so far and the works that will follow and encourage the Commission to continue strengthen its institutional building by providing capacity building for its staff. The Members also encouraged CAC to maintain its close collaboration with other institutions in the country and outside to ensure the effort of combating corruption is more effective.

Before ended, Commissioner Adérito proposed for a regular meeting between CAC and the Committee A for updating and information sharing. The proposal was unanimously welcomed by the Members and it was decided that the regular meetings to be taken place quarterly. President and Members of the Committee A also expressed their availability to make a reciprocal visit to CAC’s Office in the near future as to learn first-hand information from the scene.

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