CAC Holds Seminars in Ainaro and Same Districts

Dili, 1/08/2012—Last week, CAC Deputy Commissioner Manuel Bucar led a weeklong mission to Ainaro and Same districts where the Office held series of workshops on combating corruption in the public sector with more than 130 district public service from different line-ministries, include National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL), and community leaders.

The seminars highlighted a theme “We should be responsible for developing our country and protecting all the movable and immovable resources the people’s prosperity//Ita Rasik Mak Dezenvolve Ita Nia Nasaun no Salvaguarda Sasan Sira Nebe Mak Movel no La Movel ba Moris Diak Povu Nian.”

The seminars, which received great appreciation from participants from both districts as part of CAC’s regular program aimed at disseminating information to district officials and community leaders regarding Law No.8/2009 on Anti-Corruption Commission. The presentations highlighted Article 5 point 1 regarding sensibility—which states about limiting the act of corruption, motivate people to be careful of committing corruption and minimize the acts which facilitate corruption in Timor-Leste.

Other objectives were to create a room for critical and constructive discussions among public service and community leaders in order to have better understanding about the anti-corruption commission law and other related legal document and to create an effective control mechanism for administration, finance, and procurement works in the districts in order to minimize the risks for corruption.  

As a lesson-learned for CAC from these series of seminars was that participants from both districts expressed their commitment to work closely with CAC in controlling state budget execution for the implementation of PDD and PDL projects and other state funds in Ainaro and Same districts. 


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