Victoria University Students Visit CAC Office

21/06/2012—About 15 post-graduate and undergraduate students from the International Community Development Study Program of the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, visited the Anti-Corruption Commission Office in Farol, Dili yesterday afternoon. The students’ visit was part of the school’s two-week study-tour program on Timor-Leste’s history, culture and politics.

During one and a half hour meeting, the students were briefed by CAC Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares regarding CAC’s work for the last two years in combating and preventing corruption in Timor-Leste. In addition, Commissioner Adérito talked about some lessons-learnt regarding combating corruption from other countries, particularly from the region, as well as challenges and difficulties that they face. The students were very enthusiastic with the mini-lecture that given by CAC Commissioner.  They asked various questions, among others, the nature of handling corruption investigation in Timor-Leste, cooperation among relevant institutions in tackling corruption and laws related to anti-corruption.

The students’ visit was led by Dr. Helen Hill, Senior lecturer, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Victoria University. Dr. Hill is also a long time academic activist pro Timor-Leste independence and post independence development.

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