CAC-IGO Hold Half-Day Roundtable Discussion on Asset Declaration

Dili, 20/06/12 – The Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC), in coordination with the Inspector General Office (IGO), organized a roundtable discussion on asset declaration with a theme: “Preventing Corruption through Asset Declaration/“Prevene Korrupsaun Liu Husi Dalan Deklarasaun Riku-Soin” with more than 40 participants from all line-ministries. The half-day conference was held yesterday in Delta Nova, Dili and was opened by CAC Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares.

The purpose of the roundtable discussion was to promote public’s discussion about combating corruption policy and to explore ideas from high level public service such, among others, directors general, national directors, auditors, head of departments, on the implementation of the Law No. 7/2007 regarding the Statutory Law of the Sovereign Entity. In addition, the discussion aimed at promoting transparency, honesty, integrity and responsibility among government officials in order to manage state resources with accountability for the nation’s prosperity.

Some important points raised in the discussion included the importance to establish legal instrument on asset declaration, the need to further study about Law No.7/2007 which partly mentioned about asset declaration, and the need for member of political parties and government officials who will hold office in the next government to declare their asset prior to official function.

The roundtable discussion presented six speakers: CAC Deputy Commissioner Manuel Búcar, Inspector General Francisco Carvalho, Deputy Ombudsman Rui Pereira, Judge Maria Natercia, UNDP Representative Rui Gomes, independent speaker Rui Maria de Araújo, and CAC Executive Secretary Alexander Freitas.

This roundtable discussion on asset declaration was a first step that CAC-IGO tried to hold with high level public service. It is expected that a similar discussion will be held together with members of political parties in the near future.

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