CAC Holds Discussion with and Explores Information from MI & Secondary School in Dili

12/06/2012— Last Thursday, the Anti-Corruption Commission (CAC) team met and discussed with the Ministry of Infrastructure aimed at exploring and gathering in-depth information about the work of the Ministry during the IV Constitutional Government–how the Ministry executes and implements its development program, including procurement process and infrastructure project cycles.

In this regards, CAC team was briefed by the Ministry regarding state general budget execution process, application of rules and procedures and the nature and implementation of procurement policy. In addition, the Ministry shared its experience about the challenges it faced in the last five years and how the Ministry’s leadership went through the process and tried to overcome those obstacles.

Officials from both sides who attended the meeting that was held in the Ministry—from the Anti-Corruption Commission were led by its two Deputies, Manuel C.C. Bucar Corte-Real and José António de Jesus das Neves and from the Ministry of Infrastructure were led by Minister Pedro Lay and Vice-Minister José Carrascalão.

In another development, last Wednesday, CAC held a preliminary meeting with directors of two secondary schools in Dili and discussed on how to motivate the educationalists to have creativity and initiative to transform the concept of morality into students’ practical life, especially in school. Such concept of morality involves honesty, discipline, respect and responsibility and integrity.

In the meeting, CAC’s Director of Education Campaign and Research, Rosário de Araújo also shared idea about school canteen that is based on honesty as a practical example of transforming the concept of morality into students and that the schools can initiate such project based on their creativity and with their own resources.

Such idea sets as a base in the formation of education regarding fighting corruption that starts from the early stage.

The two secondary school directors who came to the meeting were from the 4 de Setembro Balide and the Colégio Sagrado Coração de Jesus Becora.

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