CAC Commissioner: “Directors of Public Service Should Help Prevent Corruption”

Dili, 12/04/2012—This last Tuesday, CAC Commissioner Adérito de Jesus Soares participated in a seminar organized by the Public Service Commission in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in Dili. The-half day seminar targeted directors of public service from 13 districts.

Topics of the seminar focused on public service’s responsibilities including disciplinary procedures as well as called the attention of all public servants regarding their participation in the 2012 electoral campaign to obey the rules and procedures as stipulated by the Public Service Commission. The stated rules and procedures call on all public servants not to abandon their duties during office hours and must request a special leave without pay shall they intend to participate in the electoral campaign. Sanction will apply in accordance with the Public Service Procedures against the non-compliance staff.

In the seminar, Commissioner Adérito talked about the role of CAC in preventing and combating public corruption in Timor-Leste. Commissioner Adérito appealed to all directors to perform their role as public service managers to help prevent corruption in the public service in their respective office, including keeping their eyes on staff to not involve in political activism during office hours and to not utilize government vehicles for electoral campaign.

Other presenters in the seminar included Deputy Provedor for Human Rights and Justice and Inspector General Francisco de Carvalho.

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