First Stakeholders Meeting on National Strategy for Combating Corruption

In late January 2012, CAC organized a first meeting of national stakeholders to discuss the importance of having to draft a national strategy for combating corruption in Timor-Leste. Participants at the first meeting included Prosecutor General Ana Pessoa, Second Commander of the National Police Afonso de Jesus, Inspector General Francisco de Carvalho, representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Baucau and Dili District Court, Ombudsman Office and Civil Society Organizations such as Luta Hamutuk, La’o Hamutuk, HAK Foundation, Justice System Monitoring Program and National Youth Council. Participants in the meeting unanimously welcomed the initiative and expressed their interest to work together in combating corruption in Timor-Leste. The meeting resulted in the formation of a small working group to develop terms of reference for the development of national strategic plan for combating corruption. Representatives of four national NGOs voluntarily expressed their interest to be in the working group for the development of TOR together with CAC.

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