CAC’s 2020 Strategic Plan ad 2012 Annual Action Plan

Two paramount activities that CAC has done early this year was the drafting of its 2020 Strategic Plan and 2012 Annual Action Plan and having an in-depth discussion on its programs and activities for 2012 to 2014. The meeting took place about a-weeklong and it involved CAC Commissioner, two Deputy Commissioners, all National Directors and Head of Departments. It was important to note that CAC’s 2020 Strategic Plan reflects the views of all staff, which emerges from the Office Retreat in Maubara in December 2011 and its strategic vision: “A Democratic State of Timor-Leste with Strong Culture of Rejecting Corruption in the interest and Prosperity of the People.”  To achieve this goal, CAC decided to divide its plan into medium-terms on a three-year basis.  First three years end on 2014, second three years on 2017 and third three years would be on 2020.

In terms of its Annual Action Plan, the Office tried to incorporate both new programs and pending activities from previous year and turn them into this year’s priorities. CAC’s  2012 priorities programs include strengthen capacity of is human resources especially in the area of investigation, establishment of an independent information system to secure all sensitive document related to its investigation works, continue to promote outreach programs through education campaigns to districts and sub-districts and the establishment of CAC Learning Center.

CAC is fully aware that to implement such programs and activities, the Office needs support and cooperation of all relevant stakeholders including development partners. For the last two years, a number of development partners have been providing support to CAC in different areas including from American Embassy in Timor-Leste, USAID, UN/UNDP, Brazil, Hong Kong and Malaysia. CAC intends to explore other partners’ support for future implementations of its programs.

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