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Corruption destroys the very foundation of society. Corruption does not distinguish between small or large, rich or poor nations. Corruption wrecks our children’s future. It is an obstacle to the progress of the young; and it hastens the death of the elderly. Corruption also hinders the rule of law; and threatens democracy. It is time for all Timorese to join hands in the fight against corruption, as corruption can destroy the dreams of all who fought for Timor over so many decades.I appeal to all sectors of  Timorese society to support us in a national movement in which we all stand together, and as responsible citizens of this great nation, say ‘NO’ to corruption through our daily actions.

Let’s also lend our support to the international community in its fight against corruption, as corruption does not recognize borders.  CAC is only one part of this endeavour. Each of you are an integral part of this movement too. Join us now!

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